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Tradition Meets Future honours entrepreneurs

Innovations that lead to new solutions and business models require entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship requires creativity, stamina and capital. Tradition Meets Future supports entrepreneurs in raising debt capital and provides complementary services that enable the growth of a company. We structure and arrange debt capital solutions for tech-enabled European growth companies. As independent entrepreneurs who are deeply rooted in the German Mittelstand, we understand the needs of founders. This comprehensive approach ensures that our customers not only receive customised financial solutions, but also benefit from a partnership that enables sustainable growth over generations.

We honour the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation

Innovations emerge when the entrepreneurial spirit can work with determination and freedom. At Tradition Meets Future, we focus on strengthening this spirit by offering growth debt solutions that preserve the autonomy and creativity that entrepreneurs need to thrive. This approach allows entrepreneurs and their existing shareholders to pursue their vision without the constraints that normally come with equity financing. By ensuring that entrepreneurs retain control of their business, we create an environment that fosters innovation. Our goal is to provide these visionaries with the resources and independence they need to develop new ideas, drive change and push the boundaries of their industries.

Tradition Meets Future goes back to the origins of banking to build the Mittelstand of the future

Tradition Meets Future was founded in 2020 in Berlin, the city where Siemens and Deutsche Bank have their roots. The German Mittelstand, i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), forms the backbone of the German economy and owes its success to high-quality products or services in their niche that enable them to compete. Debt financing played a crucial role in enabling these companies to adapt quickly, introduce new technologies, remain competitive and stay family-owned. Entrepreneurship requires entrepreneurial risk capital, that can also be in the form of non-dilutive growth debt. For this reason, Tradition Meets Future works with the world’s most entrepreneurial debt providers.

About Tradition Meets Future

TMF Growth procures direct lending to ESG-compatible European companies with strong sales growth
through the application of innovative technologies in the following sectors:

Agriculture & Food

Waste & Water

Energy & Environment

Life Science & MedTech

FinTech & InsureTech

IT Security

Software & IoT Hardware

Space Tech

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